About Us


Steel Creek Galvanizing

Steel Creek Galvanizing (SCG) utilizes one of the largest galvanizing kettles in the United States and is easily accessible from any location in the southeast. The galvanizing kettle dimensions are 55’ L X 9’ W X 11’ D. The plant utilizes a 25-ton crane system that enables us to galvanize very large structures. Our 83,000+ square foot facility ensures that we can process jobs efficiently in all weather conditions. 

The plant is located at Exit 104 on Interstate 85 and Tribal Road in Blacksburg, SC. Our location provides easy access for shipments and deliveries and we have ample room for storage and trailers. Steel Creek Galvanizing is centrally located and convenient to Charlotte, Greenville, Spartanburg, Asheville, Columbia, and Greensboro, with Atlanta only a 3-hour drive away. 

The company is also committed to being a good neighbor, corporate citizen, and quality employer. Significant investments in environmentally friendly equipment have been made to protect the community and our employees. Steel Creek Galvanizing is a state of the art facility that was purpose-built to protect the environment and produce virtually zero emissions. 



Safety is job one at Steel Creek. It is the policy of Steel Creek Galvanizing to ensure a safe, healthy workplace for all of our employees. The company utilizes accident prevention programs that require all employees to help eliminate workplace hazards. We provide our team with the best protective equipment as well as a comprehensive safety training program. A safety session is the first part of the new employee orientation. We also utilize toolbox talks, safety updates, and monthly safety meetings to provide ongoing awareness about the importance of safety in our daily operations. All employees are empowered and encouraged to initiate action on any potential safety issue. We are committed to building a culture of safety at Steel Creek and take great pride in the environment that we have created for our team. 



Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing defect-free products and services in a timely manner. To achieve this, we are continually improving our processes, products, and services and we have adopted the highest quality industry standards. We are committed to investing in our quality control process and providing continuing education to our quality control personnel. We have AGA (American Galvanizers Association) certified Master Galvanizers on staff. Additionally, we employ personnel who have completed the AGA certified inspector course.