Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is your kettle size? Our kettle is 55 feet long X 9 feet wide X 11 feet deep and has a 25-ton lifting capacity.

2) Are you using chemicals? – To properly clean and galvanize the material, we do use some dilute acids and bases. We pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible and recycle our chemicals and baths. 

3) Does Steel Creek Galvanizing certify their work? Our work is certified to ASTM A123 and A780 specifications. SCG will provide certification upon request. 

4) Are there specific design requirements for HDG steel? Yes, there are specific instructions for after fab hot-dip galvanized steel. These are outlined in ASTM specification A385. Additionally, SCG provides design assistance as it relates to galvanizing at no cost to our customers. 

5) Do you have trailer parking and storage? Yes, with 5+ acres of stabilized storage yard, we can accommodate trailers and large product storage. 

6) Where are you located? Our facility is in Blacksburg, South Carolina. A short drive from several counties in both North and South Carolina. We are also centrally located between larger cities in both states as well. 

7) Do you have a safe working environment? Steel Creek Galvanizing prides itself on quality, service, and responsibility. Training, PPE, employee awareness, safety programs, and incentives are the building blocks for the safety culture instilled in our team.


8) Are you hiring? Please see the Steel Creek Galvanizing career page for a list of current job openings. 

9) Can you advance within your company? We do offer leadership opportunities for those who show potential and a desire to advance. 

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Galvanizing Specifications from ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)

A123 - Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products 

A385 – Practice for Providing High-Quality Zinc Coatings (Hot-Dip)

A780 - Repair of Damaged Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings

Contact Steel Creek Galvanizing for more details on the above specifications.